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  • Calvin Collins
    Staff SWE @ Honor Education, Et Al
    Avatar of Calvin Collins

    + $15,603

  • Bary Sevi
    Art Director & UI/UX Designer @ KORRES
    Avatar of Bary Sevi

    + $2,665

  • Alan Sun
    SWE Intern @ Microsoft
    Avatar of Alan Sun

    + $846

  • Jeremy Washam
    Integration Engineer @ Epic
    Avatar of Jeremy Washam
    JavascriptReactReduxHTMLCSSNode.jsMongoDBReact Native

    + $1,500

  • Daniel Astudillo
    SWE Intern @ Wayfair
    Avatar of Daniel Astudillo

    + $1,295

  • Meghan Halloran
    Software Engineer @ Snap Inc.
    Avatar of Meghan Halloran

    + $1,212

  • Nathan Thimothe
    Software Engineer @ Amazon
    Avatar of Nathan Thimothe
    PythonGo JavaSwift

    + $1,924

  • Harun Curak
    SWE Intern @ Algora
    Avatar of Harun Curak

    + $1,625

  • Leyla Kamshad
    Summer Analyst @ Goldman Sachs
    Avatar of Leyla Kamshad

    + $160

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